The Directorate of Education Colleges Lahore Division Lahore is one of the 09 Directorates of Education Colleges across Punjab. The office of Director Public Instruction (Colleges) Punjab being the Attached Department of the Administrative Department/HED supervises, monitors and directs the Directorate in the performance of its functions relating to Budget and Planning, Administration and Establishment, Information Technology, General functions, students matters, teaching and non teaching staff service matters and the performance of other activities in collaboration with the District Government, HED and the other related tiers.

HED is the Administrative Department with a strong network of field offices to ensure compliance of executive decisions. Currently, HED operates through a network of one field headquarter/Attached Department, i.e., Directorate of Public Instructions Colleges Punjab, 09 Divisional Directorates, 37 District offices are managing more than 750 colleges across Punjab.

The Directorate of Education (Colleges) Lahore Division, Lahore, under the Supervision of DPI (Colleges) Punjab is responsible for imprating of quality education, learning and related services for students, teachers and non teaching staff working in the Public Sector Colleges across Lahore Division.