Directorate of Education Colleges Lahore, Division Lahore


1 Recruitment, Transfer, Posting and attachment of Non-Teaching Staff
2 Regularization of Service of Non-Teaching Staff/Period Adjustments of Non-Teaching
3 Joining/Relieving of Non-Teaching Staff
4 Finalization of Panels for Posting of Principals
5 Retirement Notifications, Obituary Notifications
6 Forwarding of Pension Cases, LPR, Ex-Pakistan Leave Cases
7 Forwarding/Sanction of Medical Leave, Earned Leave, Maternity Leave, Ex-Pakistan Leave
8 Data Collection, Analysis and Retrieval of Sanctioned, Working and Vacant Positions of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, ACRs/PERs of Non-Teaching Staff
9 Complaints, Personal Hearings and Correspondence related to Court Cases Probes and Inquiries of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
10 NOC for International Passport Cases
11 Forwarding of Cases regarding M.Phil and Ph.D Allowances for both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
12 NOC/Departmental Permission for Jobs in External & Internal Organizations/Departments
13 Forwarding/Decision Making regarding Down-gradation/Up-gradation Cases of posts for Teaching Staff Coordination with Higher uthorities for conversion of posts
14 Cases regarding SNEs
15 NOC/Departmental Permission for Study