Directorate of Education Colleges Lahore, Division Lahore


Main functions for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the branch within the Directorate of Education Colleges Lahore Division are that it is responsible for processing cases related to NOC for BS4YDPs (Bachelor of Science Four-Year Degree Programs) and Registration/Extension in Registration for privately managed colleges in Lahore Division:

1.Application Submission Process:

Applicants/Princioals/College Owners must submit their NOC or registration extension requests through a designated online portal through given login and passwords and physical application form as well.

2.Document Verification:

Upon receiving applications, a thorough document verification process should be conducted to ensure all required documents are submitted correctly.

3.Technical Evaluation:

A technical evaluation team/District Inspection Committee will assess the infrastructure, faculty qualifications, and other essential parameters for colleges seeking registration or extension or NOC to start BS4YDPs.

4.Site Inspection:

Scheduled site inspections will be carried out for all new college registration applications, NOCs and extensions to verify the physical infrastructure and facilities.

5.Recommendations of District Inspection Committee:

The District Inspection committees separate for Registration/Extension and NOC for BS4YDPs to assess and recommend the approval or rejection of NOC and registration requests.

6.Applicant Communication:

Maintains clear and timely communication with applicants regarding the status of their applications and any additional requirements.

7. Approval Process:

Defines a clear approval process that includes multiple levels of scrutiny, ensuring compliance with educational standards and regulations.

8.Timelines and Turnaround:

Sets specific timelines for each stage of the application process to ensure efficiency and timely decision-making.


Maintains detailed records of all applications, approvals, and correspondence with applicants for future reference and audit purposes.

10.Fee Structure:

Specifies the fee structure for processing NOC and registration requests, making it transparent and easily accessible to applicants.

11.Regular Monitoring and Compliance Checks:

Conducts periodic monitoring and compliance checks of registered colleges to ensure they continue to meet the required standards.

12.Data Security and Confidentiality:

Implements robust data security measures to protect the sensitive information of colleges and applicants. Capacity Building:

13. Provide training:

and capacity-building programs for staff involved in the application evaluation and approval process.

14.Annual Reporting:

Compiles an annual report summarizing the number of applications received, approvals recommended, and any changes in regulations or procedures.

These SOPs should help streamline the process of NOC issuance, college registration, and extension of registration for privately managed colleges within the Lahore Division, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and compliance with educational standards.